Комунальний заклад

"Закарпатська обласна універсальна наукова бібліотека
ім. Ф. Потушняка"

Закарпатської обласної ради


"The library is one of the leading cultural centers of our land.

Thousands of research workers, students, specialists of different branches get necessary knowledge here, working till closing in the reading-room section.

It was to outlive difficult times of the library, when all workers rescued, for future generations, books which were in moist basements.

Today it is hard to recognize the main library of the region: computers, modern furniture, repaired lodging.

The funds of libraries, the amount of which counts almost 500 thousand copies in 18 languages, are used by over 20,000 readers.

For today, 11 departments function in the library. the library collective is always glad to see you in our halls."

Olena Kanyuka,
director of Zakarpatska RSL,

Zakarpatska regional scientific library.

ZRSL - one of the leading cultural centers of the land, main establishment in the field of library-informative maintenance of population of the Transcarpathian region, research, methodical, coordinating center for the libraries of all systems and departments, central regional book depository, regional depositary of regional literature, center of regional literature and information on questions of culture and art.

The library was created in September of 1945 as a regional library for adults. In 1980 it was given the status of regional universal scientific library.

Presently ZRSL has over 20,000 readers, to their services - close to half a million copies of editions in 18 languages of the world. Forming the fund has begun on electronic data carriers; work on creation of an electronic catalogue. The library's pride is a fund of rare and valuable editions of XIX-XX of ages among which is editions of prominent cultural and art workers, encyclopedias, dictionaries, books which are the standards of artistic and polygraph design. Some of them are entered in the State register of national cultural property of Ukraine. An electronic database has been created named "Rare book". Presently 11 departments function in ZRSL, among them is a department of literature of foreign languages, in the structure of which - the section of Hungarian literature which carries out methodical work on questions of optimization of library service in the places of compact residence of Hungarians, serves the Hungarian-speaking population of Uzhgorod.

In last years a library extended the informative potential considerably. From January in 2003 an internet center has been operating, created by the assistance of the US Embassy in Ukraine within the framework of project LEAP| the "Internet for the readers of public libraries". As the main library of the area prepares and gives out "Calendar of regional memories dates", annotated catalogue is "Book of Zakarpatya", each three months "Zakarpatya, on the pages of the press".

The Regional information center operates on the base of informational-bibliographic department, which includes analytical bases and banks of information certificate, including electronic, however much a region and Center of European information the purpose of which is to increase the level of knowledge of the public about the euro integration process.

From June 2004 an informative center "Window to America", created after the grant, given by the US embassy in Ukraine, operates in a library also. Its services can be used by all who takes interest in the USA.

More detailed information about ZRSL is placed in a reference book:

Library orbit of informative society.- Uzhgorod: Publishing house V. Padyaka, 2005.

A reference book contains information and analytical materials about the activity of libraries of Zakarpat'ya and Ukraine in during 2000-2005 years.





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