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ім. Ф. Потушняка"

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Location: prospect Svobody, 16; 2nd floor

Phone: (03122) 2-39-82

The center functions within the Department of Scientific Information and Bibliography

European Information Center was created in Transcarpathian Regional Universal Scientific Library named after F. Potushnyak with the assistance of International Foundation "Renaissance."

The purpose of the center is to raise the public awareness on the European integration processes by providing a broad access to informational resources on the topics of European integration by spreading the information on the principles of operation of European Union, the activities of the European Commission and its delegation in Ukraine, relationship between Ukraine and European Union, economy, politics, and cultural traditions of the members of EU among the citizens of Uzhhorod and the region. .

 The key measures of achieving the goals are:

  • collection, processing, and storage of materials on European integration;
  • updating PC "European integration";
  • opening of informational zones within central regional and city libraries;
  • preparation and distribution of informational materials on the topic of European integration;
  • providing consultations;
  • organizing and holding round table discussions and seminars.

The center offers:

• material on various aspects of European integration in printed and electronic form;
• Access to the Internet and electronic database "European integration";
• consultations on information search;
• educational and informational activities aimed at drawing public attention to the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine

The opening of European Information Center

Customer service at European Information Center is free, the door is always open for anyone who is interested.

We will be happy to work with you!

Information on European Integration online: