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"Закарпатська обласна універсальна наукова бібліотека
ім. Ф. Потушняка"

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Location: prospect Svobody, 16, 2nd floor.

Phone: (03122) 2-39-82

The Training Center functions within the Department of Informational Technologies and Electronic Resources.

Regional Training Center (RTC) of Transcarpathian Regional Universal Scientific Library is a part of “Bibliomist” network.

“Bibliomist” is a partnership work of the International Research and Exchange Board (IREX), U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, which was supported by the grant from the Foundation of Bill and Melinda Gates.

"Bibliomist" cooperates with Ukrainian Library Association (ULA), central and local governments, and libraries.

The purpose of the center is the advanced training of the librarians in the region. The center is equipped with 10 computers with software, 10 web cameras with headphones, a printer, a scanner, and a multimedia projector.

As a part of the program the center provides:

·Training of different groups of users;

·Internet Access;

·Holds round table discussions, seminars, and presentations, using the latest technology.